Prince Charles’ wife gets royal treatment at Bangalore spa

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Bangalore: Latterly, Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles Camilla landed at the Bangalore international airport and was guided to Whitefield, 20 km from the city, under stiff safety measures. A Scotland Yard team has also been allotted to ensure her security.

She planned a four-day stay at the Soukya holistic health & ayurveda centre and will go through the holistic treatment during her stay. This will include naturopathy therapies, Ayurveda along with benefits of Yoga and Meditation.

Exclusively for Camilla, a perfect schedule was designed on paper to invigorate her with the natural Indian therapies. Camilla was extremely impressed with the kind of management at the holistic centre.

Soon after relaxing a while in the presidential suite, she headed for a light breakfast and a decent supper made as per the diet chart.Camilla is expecting her husband in New Delhi on Saturday to inaugurate the Commonwealth Games 2010.

Integrated medicinal therapies have always been appreciated by the couple. The recent tie up of the London-based Royal College of Integrated Medicine with the holistic centre is yet another important update.

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