Tropical Survival with Spa Ceylon

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Summer’s here! With it comes warm humid weather, plane loads of returning expatriate islanders, tourists and families from all over the west seeking to holiday in our beautiful tropical island. Hot sunny days interspersed with bursts of monsoon rain, warm balmy sea-side evenings and moon-lit nights in outback wildlife reserves – can all leave holidaymakers hot, sticky, wet, dry, burnt or even bitten.
Spa Ceylon offers a range of tropical survival essentials blended with 100% pure certified organic essential oils & herbs to help protect you from the elements and help you enjoy the best of the tropics, while caring for your health, well-being and relaxation.
Natural Mosquito Repellant
Spa Ceylon’s Citronella Milk – Protective Mist is specially designed to provide effective natural repellant protection in warm tropical climates.  Enriched with a blend of naturally repellant essential oils of Citronella, Basil, Lemongrass, Lavender & Margosa – the light spray-on mist helps to keep-away deadly and otherwise irritating mosquitoes and other flying bugs by night, while sand-flies, mosquitoes and other insects are kept off-limits by day.
In the context of the current dengue outbreak in Sri Lanka, this is a must have in any tropical survival kit and is also ideal for daily use even in the city. The soothing powers of the essential oil rich milk also helps to heal insect bites, controlling related discomfort.  Free from chemical repellent agents, Citronella Milk is safe for use on children and leaves skin healthy, soft and smooth, while calming the mind and body too.
Soothing Pure Aloe Vera
If you are looking for relief from tropical sun-burn, nothing works better than Aloe Vera. Try Spa Ceylon Pure Aloe Soothing Gel made with 100% pure Aloe Vera juice. Spa Ceylon uses only the freshest sun-kissed tropical Aloe Vera – organically grown in Sri Lanka’s remote Kalpitiya hamlets under the Spa Ceylon’s very own community trade programme – ensuring all the god given naturally beneficial properties of Aloe Vera are preserved in the finished product.
Pure Aloe Vera juice instantly soothes, relieves and heals sunburn, minor burns and inflammations. For best results apply on sun-burnt areas immediately after sun exposure. The natural hydrating properties of Aloe Vera help to moisturize, nourish and soften dry skin, promoting overall skin health. The naturally carminative benefits of Aloe Vera also help to refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind. Pure Aloe Soothing Gel is also great for cracked heel, foot problems, dry hair and even as an effective natural sunscreen for your hair.
Cardamom Rose Hand Protection
Hard water in rural and outback areas can play havoc with your skin, specially your hands, as they come into contact with water so often. Keep a bottle of Spa Ceylon’s fantastically fragrant Cardamom Rose hand Cream at hand to soothe, hydrate and protect throughout the day.  Use the cream several times daily, especially after every time you wash your hands. An extra-generous coating at night helps your hands wake-up looking brighter and younger! Enriched with 100% natural Ayurveda actives of almond, virgin coconut, honey and natural rose water, the cream also contains precious rose and cardamom essentials to care for your hands. It is a total natural revitalizing treatment to moisturize, nourish, treat and repair dry and rough skin. The nourishing herbs helps protect against harsh water conditions to soften and smoothen for total hand care.
Refreshing Floral Water Mists
Take refuge under the shade of a large tree and refresh your skin with Spa Ceylon’s Natural Floral Water Mists to help soothe, relax and hydrate your face and body even in the warmest, driest of tropical conditions. Spray on directly to face andbody, rest for 5 minutes and let the natural cooling effect relax your body and mind. Spa Ceylon offers a selection of three oil-free, alcohol-free Himalayan Floral Water Mists – free from all synthetic fragrances. Choose from 100% natural Himalayan Rose Water, Himalayan Magnolia Water or Himalayan Jasmine Water – specially distilled for Spa Ceylon in the foothills of the Himalayas from organically grown fresh flowers.  These are ideal to carry in your handbag for instant refreshment and works even better when used after cooling in an ice box or car fridge.
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