RAJAYUCON 2009 to be held on June 6 & 7

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The 1st National Conference of Rajkot District Ayurved Medical Practitioners Association, Kutch Saurashtra Ayurved Medical Association and Mission Ayurved – Rajkot will be held at Hemu Gadhvi Hall Rajkot, on 6th & 7th June – 2009, Two days of Scientific bonanza in the form of Guest Lectures, Panel Discussion, Symposium, Free Paper and Video Presentation will be of Great Academic Value, along with Socialization and Cultural Programme for all Ayurved Medical fraternity of India.

Rajayucon 2009

The conference is for the all doctors of Ayurved, Teachers of Ayurved, Researchers of Ayurved, Pharmaceuticals of Ayurved, and Students of Ayurved. Scholars are invited for presentation of paper on applied research on topics such as:

  • Clinical trials on various subjects.
  • Drug trials on various issues.
  • Diagnostic approach to treat the patient with Ayurvedic system.
  • Ayurvedic management of cancer.
  • Ayurvedic management in diseases like joint disorders, Diabetes.
  • Liver disorders
  • Dietary management of disease and Management of lifestyle disorders
  • Common child problems and Ayurved.
  • Basic concepts of Ayurved.
  • Application of modern investigations in Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Ophthalmology in Ayurved, diagnostic method and treatment
  • Dentistry in Ayurved [Danta rog]
  • Prevention and cure of disease by Yog.
  • Manasrog and management. [Manasic rog]
  • Diagnosis and management of Arsha and Bhagandar
  • HV AIDS Diagnosis and management according to Ayurved
  • Research methodology of Ayurved and modern research scenario.
  • Present educational method.
  • Usage of metallic drugs in Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Ancient and modern methods of preparation of drugs, is the therapeutic effect unchanged.
  • Any subject related to Ayurved.

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