Dabur Set To Shake Up MFD Market With Chyawan Junior

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Dabur29 Dec 2008 : Dabur India Limited, the pioneer and undisputed leader in the Chyawanprash category, today announced the national rollout of its breakthrough product Dabur Chyawan Junior, marking Dabur’s entry into the Rs 1,900-Crore Malted Food Drink market.

Packed with the power of more than 35 active Ayurvedic herbs, Dabur Chyawan Junior helps build immunity from within. Dabur Chyawan Junior contains herbs like Amla, Brahmi, Yashimadhu and Draksha, which provide growing children with Androoni Shakti and immunity. It comes in tasty chocolate-flavoured granules that can be mixed with milk or can be had as it is.

“Unlike existing energy drinks, Dabur Chyawan Junior contains herbs that provide the immunity which is much needed in growing children. Dabur — with its Ayurveda expertise — has been able to successfully combine the power of herbs in a format that children love, to bring about radical changes in the way the MFD category operates,” said Mr. K K Rajesh, Executive Vice President-Marketing (HealthCare), Dabur India Ltd.

“Dabur is putting in a concerted effort towards offering the benefits of Chyawanprash to a wider audience with the national roll out of this innovative product. The launch of Dabur Chyawan Junior reiterates our commitment to the consumers by providing them the age-old benefits of Ayurveda in a modern format,” added Mr. Rajesh.

Dabur Chyawan Junior was test-marketed in key states like Maharashtra and West Bengal last year. “The test market revealed that the modern day consumer is demanding more from their energy drinks than just taste and modification through flavours. Dabur, with its deep-rooted understanding on herbs and Ayurveda, is well-poised to meet this yet-unmet demand with a breakthrough product like Chyawan Junior,” he added.

Dabur Chyawan Junior contains key Ayurvedic ingredients such as Amla, which is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, energy providing Draksha and Malt and Pippali, which is known to provide resistance against everyday ailments.

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