Haslab & 3EA to Bring Homeopathy to the Forefront

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The homeopathy sector is ready to witness a new benchmark. Haslab and 3EA have released a detailed study to address the massive challenges faced by the homeopathy players to stay firm. Haslab is already a known brand in the market for their products that carry no side-effects & make sure that medical practice doesn’t take any toll on the health. The study by 3EA, a recognized management consulting group with Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (HSL), charts down several benefits of using homeopathy and how more people are getting inclined towards using natural medicines. The report suggests that a vital surge can be expected in the homeopathy market in the coming years.

Gone are the days when one would strictly adhere to the allopathic offerings for the cure. Nowadays, people are more than willing to adapt the wellness and the sustainable way. It is turning out to be a niche market for the marketers and the medical product providers alike and Haslab is looking to tap the potential via banking on the market analysis expertise of 3EA. New tactics for product development, the competitive environment and the boom of technology driving the homeopathy market highlight the key factors in the report. On the occasion of the study release, Dr. Amit Rastogi from Haslab took the opportunity to present the vision of the company and the things in the pipeline. Here are some excerpts from the announcement, “We believe in bringing healthcare closer to conventional medicine by focusing on extensive research and innovation. This study provides us the right direction to plan and assess further practices to place ourselves and get recognized as a global leader in providing accurate and scientific solutions to deliver life-changing wellness measures without side-effects.”

Over the period of last 5-6 years, the Asia Pacific region has witnessed huge growth in the market with more people opting for homeopathy solutions. People are now understanding the benefits of homeopathy rather than opting for conventional therapies that can leave the body extremely weak and fatigued. Allopathic medicines can provide you the relief quickly, but, homeopathy makes sure to eradicate the problem right from the root. Those who were consulted for the study research by 3EA suggested that homeopathy was very important in maintaining health and well-being and the remedies have played a huge role in the improvement of their health condition. The study has been designed to help HSL effectively tap the touchpoints of their patients by removing the pain points that these patients face. It helps HSL to adapt an impeccable approach and grow from their two manufacturing units in Lucknow to expand and cater to the ever increasing demand of homeopathic medicines via adhering to strict medical norms.


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