Baba Ramdev's Bharat Swabhiman Yatra in AP

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Baba Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman Yatra will enter Andhra Pradesh on the 10th of March. Baba Ramdev has initiated this Yatra with the intention of makin the country healthier, corruption free and financially stable and credible. He has also demanded the need of the Lokpal Bill that is meant to punish the corrupt Government officials.

The promotion of Ayurveda and Yoga is also a part of the Yatra but he is also looking into bringing back money worth 300 lac crore which is known to be amassed in foreign banks. “It is a well-known fact that India ranked topmost in the world in terms of tradition and culture. Health and wealth of the country has now deteriorated with unethical practices, increasing corruption, unhealthy practices and terrorism. From eating fertiliser-loaded food to wasting huge amounts on healthcare we are losing out on our lifestyle. We are aiming to eradicate the sociopolitical problems of our country,” chief state coordinator of the Bharat Swabhiman Yatra G. Sridhar Rao said.

The Yatra will continue till the 20th of the month. It had commenced last year in the month of September in Dwaraka, Gujarat. The Yatra comprises of free yoga camps and health check ups along with public addressing by Baba Ramdev which will be included in the 11 day event in the state.

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