The Chopra Foundation Hosts High-Profile "Sages and Scientists Symposium" to Support Humanitarian Causes

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Created as a dynamic forum for the world’s most innovative thinkers and doers, the Sages and Scientists Symposium will take place this February 25-27 at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA.

“The Chopra Foundation created the Sages and Scientists event to support the foundation’s mission of improving the sustainability, health, and wellbeing of the planet and all the members of the human family,” said Chopra Foundation founder Dr. Deepak Chopra.”We’re at a precarious time in human history, and by bringing together the best minds in a broad range of fields and expertise, we’re creating a fertile ground for the birth of new ideas, collaborations, and a more compassionate society. At the Sages and Scientists Symposium, we’ll be addressing some of the most urgent questions about the future of our planetary and human evolution,” Dr. Chopra said.

The Sages and Scientists Symposium is sponsored by many individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations that strongly support the Chopra Foundation’s goals of global health, awareness, and peace. Sponsors include Roy International Children’s Foundation,, Icebreaker, Mind the Gap Trust,, MHR International, Lisa and Charly Kleisner, the Walker Family Foundation,, Wild Divine Inc., Paradise Valley Wellness Centre, Hay House publishers, and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

Kyle Widner, President and CEO of Wild Divine, Inc., said, “Our company’s primary mission is to introduce the global community to the power of the mind power experience. The Chopra Foundation, specifically the Sages and Scientists Symposium aligns with our desire to expand the common human experience. We wholeheartedly support their work and are proud to be associated with Sages and Scientists.”

The proceeds from the event will support the Chopra Foundation in its various projects throughout the world, which include helping at-risk children; providing comprehensive pre-natal support to low income women and teenagers; educating healers about the powerful resources of Ayurveda, mind-body healing practices, and spirituality; offering educational scholarships; and initiating scientific research into mind-body health practices.

Over the three days of engaging conversation, the Symposium will be moderated by luminaries Deepak Chopra, Peter Guber, Ian Somerhalder, and Russell Simmons.

For a complete listing of all guest speakers and the topics they will be discussing at Sages and Scientists, please visit

Full and partial scholarships are available for educators and students to attend Sages and Scientists.

Please email to request more information.

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