Ayurveda to be popularized globally with Ayurveda Congress

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With the World Ayurveda Congress on its way lasting from the 9th till the 13th in Bangalore, Ayurveda might just rise in ranking of popularity. Ayurveda is well known today not only in India but in the west as well. In fact, the westerners are seen to follow Yoga and Ayurveda a little more diligently than we do. From Hollywood stars to our own B- Town, Yoga and Ayurveda has come a long way and has made a niche.

The World Ayurveda Congress this year has a theme of “Ayurveda for All” which will be showcasing its potential along with scientific paper presentations to show that it is a recognized form of medicine. The Congress will also include an Ayurveda Expo which will include famous Ayurvedic brands showcasing the best of their products to the mass.  The medicines will be produced with international standards kept in mind. The Congress will be helpful in bringing together the practitioners who are certified and also the traditional healers who can brainstorm.

A large number of foreign delegates will also be attending this Congress which will also help in the promotion of Ayurveda abroad. The last three versions of the Congress got a lot of response and this year, the response will be more flattering since there are delegates coming in from 34 countries with approximately 4000 participants.

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