Lead poisoning poses challenge to Ayurveda

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Bangalore: The higher lead content in mass produced Ayurvedic medicine has caused alarm and may soon adversely affect the Rs 7,000 crore Indian Ayurvedic Medicine Industry, if corrective measures were not initiated, according to experts. They said, lead used as a preservative in the form of lead citrate or lead chromite can affect the whole body from the brain to kidney, if used in higher doses. About ten per cent of the herb-based medical preparation, contain higher-lead residue, they added.

A senior adviser to the city-based National Referral Centre for Lead Poisoning in India (NRCLPI) Tuppil Venkatesh and adviser to Ayush, said most of the mass produced ayurvedic preparation like bhasmas, choornas or lehya, which comes in the paste form, contained higher lead residue.

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