Baba Ramdev's yoga session is a big hit in Tokyo

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Tokyo, Oct 1 (ANI) : Yoga exponent Baba Ramdev was a hit in Japan at the ‘Namaste India 2007’ festival. This year is being celebrated as the Year of Friendship between India and Japan. As an integral part of this celebration, “Namaste India 2007” was organised in Tokyo on September 29-30.

Held at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, the festival aimed to enhance awareness about India by showcasing its culture, society and economy.

However, it was Baba Ramdev’s yoga sessions that drew maximum crowds with a large number of Japanese showing interest in the spiritual practice. He interacted with Japanese and gave yoga lectures and demonstrations.

Ramdev said the long-term objective of his lessons and the ‘Namaste India’ festival, was to create a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious Asia, with a special focus on India and Japan.

“It feels great to see Indian culture, traditions, customs, costumes being brought to Japan to make Japanese aware of India and its heritage. They have tried to establish a harmony between India and Japan,” said Ramdev. “Efforts like this, which try and bridge the gap between two cultures are really commendable,” he added.

The Trust founded by Baba Ramdev has set up institutions across India and he has helped revive Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine system, in India as well as abroad.

Hundreds of Japanese came to experience the beauty and variety of India’s culture, fashion, jewellery, textiles, films, dance and music.


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