PM Modi is back. Achhe Din for Ayurveda?

Share this: congratulates India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on his historic win. With this he has secured another five years term for India’s development. We are hopeful that along with other development projects, promotion of Ayurveda and other AYUSH systems prevalent in India will get a big boost.

India has been the cradle of development since ages. Thousands of years ago we had medicine and knowledge of the body’s function which science is yet unknown to. Our approach towards cure includes holistic and spiritual well being. A person following the principles of Ayurveda (even partly today) is less likely to fall ill. But this knowledge and its beliefs have been systematically destroyed by India’s invaders and bad leaders. We hope that the Prime Minister who understands its value and gave the world its “Yoga Day” will help in reviving back our traditional systems of medicine and make Ayurveda the primary system of medicine for the nation.

Secondly, in this world of globalisation we hope the AYUSH ministry will set up appropriate quality standards that will be accepted by the international community as being both effective and safe. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of other countries are not well equipped in knowledge of Ayurveda even to be able to test it. Add to that the lobby of allopathy is hard to fight by any individual firm or group of doctors. But political will can do the job. Dear Modiji, your initiative in making a globally acceptable standard for Ayurvedic medicines will be scripted in history if it becomes a reality.

Third, along with giving the world knowledge on Ayurveda, let us take the world’s modern technology, research methodologies and practices into various sectors of Ayurveda. This will encourage our youth with more acceptance towards Ayurveda and bring about a sea change in manufacturing, marketing, quality and public perception of Ayurveda. Today, international brands are doing research on herbs and are blatantly trying to infringe on our traditional knowledge base. Government will is what is required at this point of time to reverse this knowledge flow.

Last but not the least, the fore bearers of Ayuveda we believe are the doctors, traditional vaidyas and our Gurus. Interestingly, they seem to be the most marginalised too. While other people in this sector are able to prosper, many doctors and teachers are not able to even live a comfortable life. Apart from this not many have a say or have a platform to make their point, encourage others or get encouraged themselves. It is time to change this and provide them the respect that they deserve which can be done by more government programs in the future. In doing so, should you require us, we are at your service!

Shri Narendra Modi ji, we do believe that for Ayurveda – “Achhe Din Ayenge” and only you can make it happen.


Sharmaji is deeply involved with Ayurveda since 15 years. His interest and passion led him to launch and about a decade ago. Most of the Ayurveda news and articles on this site are approved or published by him.

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