Bid your health concerns goodbye with tea!

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“Care for some tea?” Say yes! If you are someone who believes in good health which is in effect everyday then tea is your answer. Read on to find out why you should vote for tea as your favourite caffeine drink!

Tea is a natural antioxidant that keeps your body from aging quickly and keeps you looking and feeling younger for longer. Isn’t that something we all want? You could also save some on all the anti aging products that you hunt for which may or may not have an effect. The antioxidants also help in keeping a check on cancer before it appears.

Tea helps in reducing the risk for heart attack and strokes caused due to cholesterol. All that unhealthy food you eat regularly will do more harm than good and tea could just help you from visiting the hospital real early in your life.  Two to three cups of black tea everyday will keep your heart healthy.

Tea also makes your immune system stronger and your bones too. The risk of osteoporosis and other weak bone disorders can be prevented by regular tea consumption.

Here is something that might catch your attention a little more than the others. Tea helps lose weight! Yes, it increases the metabolism rate of your body and helps you burn down calories. Green tea is especially popular these days for this purpose. Tea is also calorie free unless you use sugar to sweeten it or milk along with it. So plain tea leaves concoction should keep your weight in check.

Tea is also known to keep your body hydrated despite the belief that caffeine dehydrates the body. Research has proven otherwise and tea actually works as well as water does. So this would be a good beverage for this summer heat. Tea also has lesser quantity of caffeine in comparison to coffee so you will not find the ill effects of overdose of caffeine in your body.

Coffee might be a drink that a lot of us prefer over tea for not just its taste but its activating properties and relaxing abilities. But tea has the same properties as well and some more. Coffee will leave behind a stink in your breath and also colours your teeth. Tea on the other hand keeps your teeth clean and gums healthy! Now, you didn’t know that, did you?

So what is stopping you from a healthy life? Switch to tea and live happy and carefree!


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