Skin and hair is taken care of this winter

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Winters can be harsh on your skin and hair and Ayurveda recognizes increase in Vata in the body for the effects. Vata Dosha, as it is called results in dry skin and hair, breakable and frizzy hair, chapped lips, etc.

The most important thing to do to protect your skin and hair during winters is to dress appropriately. Cover up with warm clothes and especially keep your feet, hands and neck warm. Apply a herbal moisturizer all over the body and lip balm to avoid chapping of lips. Avoid using hair driers and going in for any chemical hair treatments. Oil massages to your head will keep the blood flowing in your scalp and prevents the feeling of heavy headedness. Deep conditioning with natural ingredients such as henna, yogurt and egg will do wonders.

If your skin is especially dry, use moisturizer rich in aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc. it is very important to moisturize after a shower in the morning and before going to bed, especially on clean skin. Avoid taking a shower more than once to avoid further drying of the skin. Very hot water for a shower can be harmful. Warm water should be used. You could try body massages before taking a shower with almond oil. The massage not only keeps your skin healthy and smooth but also increases blood flow and keeps you warmer. Sesame oil also can be used. Do not use harsh soaps and use herbal, soap free cleanser to avoid stripping your skin off natural moisture.

People tend to ignore their feet and not give it as much importance as their face. Cracked heels are a very prominent problem in winter. A soak in warm water mixed with essential salts and aroma oil before going to bed would not only keep your feet pretty and healthy but also relaxes the muscles.

Eat fruits, drink lots of water and fruit juices. Amla juice and aloe vera juice act as excellent antioxidants and help to take care of your skin from within.

In conclusion, winters aren’t a season to be dreaded but enjoyed while it lasts. Taking care of yourself isn’t as hard as you think. And pampering yourself is more fun than you think!

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